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I'm 18 years old and I'm a senior in high school.I have always been on the heave side and have finally decided to put an end to looking fat and ugly. I used to weight around 160 pounds and used to be a size 16 in jeans. I went down to around 140 and now wear a size 8-10. Its been a pretty rough road for me. I would lose some pounds but end up gaining them and I'm terrified of the scale. Every time I weight myself and find I've gained some weight I would get depressed and go back to eating. In conclusion I would love to lose around 30 pounds, but all i need is some help and inspiration and some friends to help me through this rough journey.

Height ➔ 5'4
HW ➔ 160
LW ➔ 129.2
CW ➔ 136.6 (ahhhhhhhh I'm so fat)
GW1 ➔ 130
GW2 ➔120
UGW3 ➔110